A boy with two thumbs on each hand who lives in the Indian region of Kashmir has boasted that a genetic abnormality helps him in cricket and mobile games. In addition, thanks to the extra fingers, he climbs trees faster, writes the Daily Mail.

12-year-old Faizan Ahmad Najar has six fingers on each hand. When he was two years old, doctors offered to amputate the extra ones, but his parents refused. “We consulted the Saint about this, and he said that after the operation, our son might lose his sight,” the mother explains.

Najjar claims that he is not ashamed of his polydactyly and hopes that it will not prevent him from achieving success in life. “I want to be a doctor,” he says. — I will treat patients who were born with such abnormalities, so that no one teases them and does not poison them. Fortunately, I have rarely experienced this attitude myself, because I live in the country.”

Polydactyly is one of the most common hereditary abnormalities of limb development in humans, dogs, cats, and horses. Extra fingers are rarely full-fledged, usually they are a small piece of soft fabric.

In 2019, it was reported that a resident of the Indian state of Odisha (Orissa) with an unusually large number of fingers was suspected of witchcraft. She has 12 fingers and 19 toes.

How to bet on cricket-tips, recommendations, bookmakers

Cricket is not a seasonal sport, which means that you can bet on these games for a year without a break. However, if you are interested in this sport, you need to pay attention to a few nuances, which we will introduce you below.

Number one – formats. In this sport, matches differ in format, which affects the duration of the game, its order, and a huge number of other parameters. In different formats, teams show different games – some play better at the 1st level, some manage to show excellent results in games with limited overs.

There is a pattern – Indian players, due to insufficient funding, as well as due to the difference in climate, do not show the best game on the road. But the players from Australia show excellent performance on all fields.

Weather conditions. They can have a huge impact on the performance of a sports game. Matches continue for several hours in a row and a clear day can easily be replaced by heavy rain. In unsuitable climatic conditions, players will not show the best result, which is important to take into account when making a forecast.

As in other sports, cricket has key figures on the field – here they are referred to as batsmen and bowlers. Each team has its oustider and their stars. In this way, one professional batsman can turn the game around. To predict the results of the meeting, you need to study the list of promising players and select favorites. By the way, some stars, surprisingly, are people of mood, showing excellent results at the moment when the “stars will add up”.