Cricket is a sport that is not very well known to the outside world, which is only big enough in 3 countries: England, India and Pakistan.

To understand, only one cricketer is among the top 100 paid athletes in the world, but receives a huge sum of 31 million a year (27 from their sponsorship), making him the world’s top 23 Paid athlete in 2015.

A cricket match
The game of cricket is a bit complex and very different from any other sport, has very specific rules and the way you play too, although some claim it is similar to baseball (perhaps only in some aspects).

Cricket ground
Each team consists of 11 players, and the field does not have a specific dimension, only having the requirement that it be wide.

It usually has an oval shape and consists of 3 zones:
rectangle is two zones. Central zone and two ends (which have an “H”).
In the Central area of the rectangle are 2 Batting Strikers who have a cricket bat.

At the lower end is the Launcher, and at the upper end is the receiver to catch the balls.

Internal space and outer space – here extends protection 11 from the team that should be protected.

Goal of the game and positioning
Each Striker Striker puts himself in front of his “witchet”, and while one is waiting for the ball to be sent to him by Launcher, the other Striker is waiting to run.

After the ball is thrown, the attacker will try to hit the ball as far as possible, and the following situations may occur:

If the ball leaves the field through the air, mark points 6
If the ball leaves the field but has already hit the ground, mark points 4
If the ball is folded and still remains inside the field, scouts can mark more times in the same position change. When any defender manages to catch the ball and send it to the receiver as soon as they receive the ball, they can no longer change. Each exchange is worth 1 point.
The defense distribution is 2 players next to the rectangle (Launcher and receiver), 4 in the inner space, and 5 in outer space.

How to get rid of the test
There are several ways to do this, these are:

Witchet Drop by Launcher
The pitcher to take the shot will balance and eventually make it to the end line of the rectangle. If he can hit and knock down one of the 3 Witchet sticks after the ball has bounced once on the ground, the scout will be removed.

As in baseball, if after Beeler sends the ball, some defense can get it before it touches the ground, and then the batter is eliminated.

Witchet Drop for defense
If after the batter knocks the ball out and starts making exchanges with another batter to score points, if the defender who picks up the ball sends out a long and punches and knocks down one of the sticks or sends to the receiving defense and it is overthrown.

Defend with a knee
If the batter protects the ball with his knee so that it is not overturned, then the batter will be eliminated.