In England, sports events are allowed without spectators from Monday. The APL is due to resume on June 17

Sporting events in England will resume from Monday, June 1, without spectators and subject to all necessary measures. The decision directly concerns professional football. The Premier League is scheduled to restart on June 17. Horse racing and snooker competitions are already due to take place this Monday. Athletes and staff must arrive at the bases […]

Sporting heritage of the British Empire

In history, there are many cases when colonizers, developing new lands, brought their own color to the local culture. This is how new traditions, customs, and laws often appeared. Sports that spread like viruses are no exception. In some cases, there is a full-scale dispersion – take, for example, the same football that is played […]

“Who cares what these types think!?” – Indians on Russia’s position on cricket

According to the ratings, cricket is considered the second most popular sport in the world after football, – writes the Indian website Orissa Post. However, Russia has refused to officially recognize cricket as a sport, according to the country’s sports Ministry. There was no place for cricket on the list, which included even the Russian […]