Cricket is back, officially! The first big match between England and the West Indies started today. This is good news.

Now it’s bad. Had to play the entire 82 minutes and 17 overs bowled! On the 5th innings of the 17th over, the match stopped. The reason is rain. Although the weather in England has been perfect all week, today, to the detriment of everyone, it has failed. The players took a break for tea, but never returned.

Earlier in the day, England won the toss and captain Ben Stokes chose to bet.

Before the start of the game, a minute of silence was declared in memory of the victims of the coronavirus, as well as the truly great player of the West Indies team, Everton Weekes, who died last week at the age of 95. Next, players got down on one knee in support of the Black Lives Matter campaign movement.

And “rushed”. With long pauses, waiting times, and phone weather views…

Rory Burns and Dominic Sibley were the opening batsmen. First over, fourth pitch from Shannon Gabriel, fastball, bounce off the pitch 4 meters from the batsman. Dominic raises the bat, trying to pass the ball, but after the bounce, the ball turns sharply towards the wicket. And knocks it down! The batsman’s home debut is blurred. Score 0 / 1 knocked out!

It’s a shame for England, happy for the West Indies. Joe Denly (Joe Denly) takes the place of the knocked out.

Two more overs and the teams leave for a forced break, rain again. The score 1/1.

The teams returned for a short time. We played 14 more overs. Rory burns scored 20 points in 55 innings. Only three quarters knocked out. Joe Denly managed to earn 14 points from 48 innings, of which he also struck out three quarters. The expense of 35/1. The current run rate of the team: 1.98 points for the over.

On the 17th over, in time for the 5th innings, it was decided to leave for “tea”, i.e. to take a break. After that, the game did not continue.

Tomorrow is the second day. I don’t look at weather forecasts, it’s a thankless job in England…

P.S. in the afternoon came a great news! Joe Root’s Wife) Kerry gave birth to a second baby!