Kursk hosted the first ever cricket tournament. It is organized by the Embassy of Sri Lanka in Russia. Student teams competed with each other. Oleg Budnikov delved into the subtleties of the game.

This game is more popular in Sri Lanka than football in Russia. During the big race, life in the cities stops. The legacy of colonial England-cricket spread throughout South Asia, remaining a favorite folk game even after the era of British rule. Sri Lankan students are actively introducing the game to Russians. Traditionally, an inter-University tournament is held.

Upul Karivosa, organizer of the competition: “it was usually held in Moscow in the early years, but now we have decided to hold it in the regions. This time we chose Kursk. Kursk is a very cozy city, very nice people and students like to study like this”.

Teams from universities in Kursk, Moscow, St. Petersburg and Tver met on the field. Most of all, cricket resembles domestic bast shoes. The difference in the number of players, handling of the ball, the shape of the field. The main thing in cricket is to protect the goal. The game helps students feel at home and better get used to the middle lane after their native tropical climate.

Student: “what is not like in Sri Lanka is the weather. You can immediately see that the weather here is not like this. It’s good to be away, it’s better at home-that’s what I can say. “

But for those who are used to our latitudes, it’s already difficult to part with them.

Student: “I am a budget student, I was chosen by the state to send to Kursk. At the beginning it was hard for me, but then I got used to everything. I met good people here, good culture, and that’s why I don’t miss home right now.”

Unfortunately, Smoking on the pitch was not. But there is hope that cricket will take root in the region — only Sri Lankan students in the region over five hundred, so there is someone to start a new sports tradition.