According to the ratings, cricket is considered the second most popular sport in the world after football, – writes the Indian website Orissa Post.

However, Russia has refused to officially recognize cricket as a sport, according to the country’s sports Ministry. There was no place for cricket on the list, which included even the Russian equivalent of Curling, among others.

“Cricket has been denied recognition as a sport,” sports Minister Pavel Kolobkov said in a statement on Monday, July 15.

This news, of course, did not find approval among Indian users of social networks, for whom cricket is not just a sport, but a religion.

Being extremely offended by this decision, the Indians Troll the Russian sports Ministry on Twitter.

Explaining such a strange decision of the Ministry, a member of the Executive Committee of the Moscow sports cricket Federation, Alexander Sorokin, said: “Cricket is popular mostly in educational institutions where students from India study. They introduce Russians to cricket. For example, there are 13 clubs in Tver. There are 4 teams in Voronezh. With the help of regional authorities, we planned to open cricket schools in 48 regions of the country. While cricket has not received recognition, it is now impossible to do so.”

Here is how the Indians reacted to this:

I don’t understand what they have against a game where patience, honesty, and fair play are valued.

Russia knows nothing about this game. First they need to focus on understanding it, and then they need to make a decision. I also cannot understand how Russia can be a member of the international cricket Council if cricket is not played there.

It is difficult to play in Siberia, where the team will go if they lose.

Yes (this is not a sport). This is WAR! Ask India and Pakistan!

Who cares what people think of these types?